Since 1977 "Stefanos Afentoulis Ltd." made the difference, in the local lifting business. Ask any Greek Construction firm. Stefanos Afentoulis, a Mechanical Engineer himself, after finishing his studies and acquiring his experience in a number of reputable German companies, in Germany, he started-up his own business, in 1977.

"Stefanos Afentoulis Ltd.", soon became both an advisory and planning/constructing firm, specializing on optimized crane systems, having as a corporate philosophy, nothing less than high standard products and services.

The above total quality philosophy, has led "Stefanos Afentoulis Ltd." to the door of SWF-Krantechnik GmbH representing the above firm, plus a number of other fine European manufacturers, producing technical products, such as:

  • Fels S.A . - Cranes' Power Supply Systems
  • Hartmann & Koenig GmbH - Cable Drums

The Stefanos Afentoulis Ltd production line and after-sales services, are today based in fully owned facilities of 4.000 sqm offering the highest possible quality standards (ISO), also guaranteeing reliability and competitive costs.

The company covers all Greece with an alerting after-sales supporting system, for all of its demanding clients, thus making Stefanos Afentoulis Ltd one of the leading Greek firms in both the crane and the lifting systems' business.

Some of the company's most important projects:

  • The Acropolis Renovation Works: With six various E.O.T. Cranes
  • El. Venizelos - The new Athens Airport: One Hangar-Crane of 4t/45m, for the needs of the Olympic Airways facilities
  • EAB (Hellenic Aircraft Industry): An Underslung Crane System, armored with eight pieces of automatic cooperating monorails (20t/8m), especially designed for the aircraft engines' testing.
  • The Attica tram: With one Special Rotating Travelling Crane 360 ° , of a lifting capacity of 4t/4m