Projects Portfolio

Some of the company's most important projects.

Semi Gantry Crane 8t

Semi Gantry Crane 8t / 26m + 6m

Gantry Crane 12,5t

Gantry Crane 12,5t / 7m+4m+4m

Rotating Travelling Crane 4t

Rotating Travelling Crane 4t/ 4m being used in the maintenance facilities of Athens' tram.

Double Girder Crane 12,5t

Double Girder Crane 12,5t / 8m, being used in the restoration of Akropolis' entrance.

Kastelli - Travelling Crane

Travelling Crane - Kastelli, Crete.

Pylos - Travelling Crane

Travelling Crane - AKTOR, Pylos.

Gantry Crane 25t

Gantry Crane 25t / 27m+7m+7m

Single Girder Crane 5t

Single Girder Crane 5t / 11m, being used in the restoration of the Akropolis.

Gantry Crane 8t

Gantry Crane 8t / 20m +4m + 4m

Special Double Girder Trolley

Special Double Girder Trolley with cable reel

Acropolis - Parthenon

Acropolis - Restoration of Parthenon 2014

Jib Crane with platform 5t

Jib Crane with platform 5t/ 7m , 360°

Dionysos Theater

Dionysos Theater - Restoration.


Asklepiion Acropolis - Restoration.

Portal Crane 12,5t

Portal Crane 12,5t/ 10m, being used in the restoration of Parthenon

Semi Gantry Crane 10t

Semi Gantry Crane 10t / 16m + 4m

Jib Crane 1,6t

Jib Crane 1,6t / 3m, 270 °. BEACH VOLLEY, Piraeus

Gantry Crane Thrasyllus

Gantry Crane Thrasyllus

Gantry Crane - Thrasyllus

Gantry Crane Thrasyllus

Gantry Crane 2x25t

Gantry Crane 2x25t/ 12m + 1,5m+1,5m

Jib Crane 0,5t

Jib Crane 0,5t/4m, 360°

Underslung Running Crane system 20t

An Underslung Running Crane system 20t/8m, armored with 8 pcs. of automatic cooperating monorails. EAB - Hellenic Aerospace Industry