After 35 of experience in the fields of construction, trade, and maintenance of Cranes, we are able to deal with any problem you have with your HOIST or Crane.

Our company has broad expertise in the field of cranes, winches, remote control (wired and wireless),  POWER SUPPLY LINE , and has the immediate ability to cover any problem relating to the maintenance of your machine by providing integrated solutions for the safe functioning of your business.

The inspection covers more than 40 points and we provide maintenance of all the components, based on the relevant legislation. Upon completion of the full service we provide our clients with suitability reports, that enables the safe and legal operation of the crane.

All these years, our specialized working-teams guarantee the safe operation of cranes and maintenance of our client’s industrial equipment.

 At the same time our services include preventive maintenance contracts for cranes that meet the requirements of our clients.

We undertake the suitability study for structural and mechanical efficiency of your cranes in order to asses and evaluate the cost of your business plan proposal.

Spare Parts

Direct  Supply of spare parts.

As credible representatives of major firms, we have full and continuous stock of spare parts by making use of electronic storage system, in order to provide proper and fast service to our customers.


Performing maintenance inspection and certification of cranes.

We prepare the Cranes (Lift Provisions) for review by the Certification body and beyond.

From the smallest to the largest crane, we can restore them or put them in satisfactory operational level.

Through years of experience and continuous training, our Technical Group has integrated high levels of expertise by setting as its main objective the quality, safety and reliability of our services.

We also provide official certifications for your crane so that you are fully covered whatever happens to any possible audits.

Cranes Upgrade/Alterations

e have the expertise in the field of cranes to meet the needs of our customers.

We have the expertise in the field of cranes to meet the needs of our customers on upgrades such as increasing the lifting capacity of the crane or positioning cantilevers in pillar-type cranes. These services are provided in a safe and reliable way, certifying each technical change.